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Every parent worries about what the future holds for their children. When you have special needs children, your worries never end. Planning for their future is important. At Susan Clark Law Group, LLC, we can help you with estate planning for you and your family. Whether is it decision on guardianship, special needs trust or estate planning, we can help.

Parents face unique challenges. First, parent need to provide for their future without jeopardizing their supplemental security income and Medicaid. Second, families should consider an estate plan that also gives them an opportunity for social security income and Medicaid. Third, if you have any other children, you need to consider how you also provide for all of them equally. Fourth, how to plan to make sure you have sufficient funds to take care of your children after your passing. Fifth, you may need to consider a special needs trust to make sure you provide for your child’s supervision, management and distribution of your inheritance by a third party trustee.

Parents should consider having the following five estate planning documents prepared: (1) a last will and testament; (2) a general durable power of attorney that permits the agent to make discretionary nonsupport distributions to or for the benefit of the child and to establish a third-party created and funded Special Needs Trust for the benefit of the child; (3) a durable medical power of attorney; (4) a revocable living trust containing language permitting the trustee to make discretionary nonsupport distributions to or for the child’s benefit; and (5) a third-party created and funded Special Needs Trust. Contact the firm of Susan Clark Law Group, LLC at 732-637-5248 for her consultation.

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