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Middlesex County, NJ special education lawyers, Susan Clark Law Group, LLC empowers parents to advocate for their child’s rights. If you think your child is not receiving an appropriate education, Susan Clark Law Group, LLC, is here to aggressively advocate for you. By law, your child with special needs has rights and is entitled to a free appropriate public education (FAPE). When the Middlesex County school district makes decisions that you neither agree with nor advances your child’s education, our firm is here to represent you and your child and where necessary bring a due process action against the school district to protect your child’s rights.

Susan Clark Law Group are attorneys with over 50 years of litigation. We are unique in that we have tried hundreds for trials, and, as parents, we have been through the IEP process ourselves. We want that experience to advocate for you and your family. We represent New Jersey Special Needs families in Middlesex county including representation for matters involving special education law, Section 504, disciplinary, suspension and expulsion, transition planning into adulthood, bullying and harassment, guardianship, and special needs trust. We are ready and experienced to litigate when needed to ensure your child’s rights are protected.

We focus our efforts on ensuring that each individual child we represent receives high quality legal representation that is thorough and compassionate. We believe each individual’s case presents its own unique set of challenges, which means our team ensures every client receives individualized legal representation and support both in and out of meetings, proceedings and hearings.

We understand the children and families we represent in Middlesex County are faced with a number of barriers that our team must consider when developing a positive action plan so, we are here to listen and aggressively represent your family.

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