Has your child been suspended from school? There are rights afforded to him or her, depending on what type of suspension. A short- term suspension is from 1 day but no more than 10 consecutive school days out of school. If this happens, the school is required to provide notice of the charges or basis for the suspension. This notice can be written or oral. The school must also be given an informal hearing to present his or her version of events. Your child must also be given instruction during the period of suspension.

A long-term suspension is more than 10 consecutive school days out of school and requires much more on the part of the district. There are many timelines and procedures the school must follow. Most importantly, your child must be given a formal hearing before the board of education.

Timing is important. Make sure the district has followed all laws according to the New Jersey statutes and Administrative Code. We at Susan Clark Law Group can help you make sure that your child’s due process rights have not been violated. Contact us at 732-637-5248.
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