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Decisions are made every day in the family court regarding placement of children after a divorce. If you need a change in that custody agreement and cannot come to a solution the lawyers at Susan Clark Law Group are prepared to fight for your interests. We are aware of the intensity of emotion when it comes to issues surrounding where your children will live or how they will be raised. We are here to objectively and aggressively handle the legal aspects of the case.

A Motion for Modification of Custody can be filed on your behalf. The standard for a change in custody is a “substantial change in circumstances” that is detrimental to the child. The court must consider what is in the best interest of the child. The judge has a significant amount of discretion in this situation and Susan Clark Law Group has over 40 years of combined experience arguing before judges in New Jersey.

Some examples of a substantial change in circumstances include:

• One or both parents have moved and distance to maintain current custody arrangement has become unworkable
• One parent believes the other parent has become unfit, meaning neglectful or has shown they have been abusing drugs or alcohol
• A change in the individuals living in the same household as the children
• Non-compliance by one party
• An allegation of abuse has been filed by an outside agency

These areas are just some examples of reasons modification motions can be filed.
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