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What do two municipal court judges with vast experience as both prosecuting and defense attorneys do with all that exposure to the human condition? Naturally they form a law firm that is designed to succeed. Our vast experience has taught us that the ability to communicate and read human behavior can assist us in not only all forms of advocacy and negotiation but also in our lives in general. We love the adage, an iron fist in a velvet glove. Always approaching the problem diplomatically but always prepared to back up any and all arguments we make on your behalf with trial skills. Compassion has driven us in our careers to always consider the other side of the story so as to approach human beings with an eye toward realizing that in every human being there lies a “best self”.

We are, in addition to talented trial attorneys, mothers who have advocated for our children in the special education system. Let us bring our 50 years of combined years of experience to help you get your child a free appropriate education in the least restrictive environment.

Susan Clark Law Group is a firm that is a natural evolution of the passion that two attorneys have for children. Our practice is also our expression of gratitude for the gift of advocacy that we have been given and now we can use that gift to do everything in our power to help craft an education that works for your child.

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