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New Jersey Special Needs Attorneys

We are skilled litigators with over 50 years of combined experience, and will advocate for you. Susan Clark Law Group, LLC is a sophisticated law office addressing the legal needs of our special needs clients. We take a programmatic approach to providing legal counsel.

We will help you understand the educational system, and make decisions that are in the best interest of your family. We champion the rights of children with disabilities to a free appropriate public education that meets their unique needs, and are sensitive to your limitless efforts on our child’s behalf. As parents who navigated through the special education field ourselves, we understand how overwhelming it can be.

Our goal is to empower families by identifying and working to obtain the educational tools and supports they need for their loved ones with disabilities. Knowledge is power, and we will help you navigate the system and help you to become strong and organized advocates for your child. We represent families in all of the following areas: access to a free appropriate public education, special needs trust, and with guardianships of the person and property. Whether it is an IEP meeting or mediation or at a special education due process hearing or in federal district court, the attorneys at Susan Clark Law Group will aggressive represent your family. Contact Susan Clark Law Group at (732) 637-5248 for your free consultation.

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